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Super business man — Portugal Startups

Almost every startup is better off with a co-Founder. Mostly the bootstrapped ones. If you have a super cool idea and thought about starting a startup, then you must have already researched the reasons for having a co-Founder. …

What a teenage story has to teach us about real life.

What do you remember from Superbad? Not much? NO PROBLEM.

I’m here to guide you on a very personal trip that I take sometimes while watching movies. Who hasn’t taken a media product out of context to reframe it?

A few considerations after a few years of freelancing

Photo by Mimi Thian on Unsplash

I spent the afternoon chatting with a friend about our previous clients. We were talking about starting a job together, one thing led to another and we remembered our worst clients.

To be brief about it, we came to a very important statement about Freelancing: Some Clients will suck, and…

And Why you should listen.

Entrance from the Silicon Valley — Images from the internet

The TV Show, Silicon Valley, is a must-see for everyone who loves start-ups and technology in general. Created in 2014, is typically a show where you can turn your brain off and laugh. Still, it doesn’t mean that there isn’t any lesson you can learn from it.

Its dialogues are…

A Tale to understand and overcome in a Pos-Covid World

Embalse el Yeso — Chile (image from google images)

My Career in Tourism so far…

I started working in Tourism three and a half years ago, in Santiago, Chile, as a salesman, then Marketing Manager and finally Regional Manager. In 2019 I got transferred to Salvador, Brazil.

Something that bothered me at the time was how the agencies relied on seasons to profit.

Even a…

Image from the internet.

By now, everybody is moving their eyes to Brazil, the country I was born in.

We are the South-American epicenter of a deadly disease. And the Corona Virus, of course.

The disease I meant is, obviously, the social, ultra-conservative right-wing. …

Imagens da internet.

Quando ouvíamos isso de fãs do atual chefe de Estado do Brasil, o sentimento de repulsa era automáticamente evocado em todos os corações livres e puros deste grande país.

Com o perdão da jocosidade, a descrença com o governo já era sentida por grande parte da população brasileira, mas ela…

Imagem do Pexels

Faz muito tempo que não escrevo aqui. Nem sei se ainda há algum vestígio meu no Medium, mas estou recomeçando, e provavelmente estarei mais presente por aqui.

Comecei a namorar recentemente, há dois meses para ser mais específico, e dentre as coisas que combinamos de fazer neste ano, incluímos uma…

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I write stuff. Communication at @iubi_. Vegan. Buddhist. Yoga Legend. I’d totally drive a Prius. Opinions are my own.

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