5 Mistakes I stopped after watching Silicon Valley, and you need to know

And Why you should listen.

Dominique Rocha


The entrance of Silicon Valley, the TV Show
Entrance from the Silicon Valley — Images from the internet

The TV Show, Silicon Valley, is a must-see for everyone who loves start-ups and technology in general. Created in 2014, is typically a show where you can turn your brain off and laugh. Still, it doesn’t mean that there isn’t any lesson you can learn from it.

Its dialogues are smart and bring you all the tech world within. Sounds great, right?


It is not as insightful as I put it, but it isn’t just fun either.

So I wrapped it up and made this marvelous list so you can get inspired to watch it as well.

The 5 Mistakes you should not commit.

  • Do not Brag;
  • Do not be rude to anybody;
  • Choose your allies, wisely ;
  • Always read the small words;
  • Acknowledge others;

Do Not Brag All the Time

T.J Miller looking at someone, proudly.
Silicon Valley — Images from the internet

In the Show, Erlich Bachman (T. J. Miller) is a former Founder of Aviato. He sold it, earned money, and then stagnated in Los Angeles, incubating programmers.

He is well-known as a one-hit-wonder, and everybody knows it.

Everybody but him.

Everyone knows a man’s reputation except the man himself. — The Wise Man’s Fear by Patrick Rothfuss

So it makes even more ridiculous when he starts to brag about the things he has done throughout the years, which make me think:

Do not diminish yourself in any case, but still, you do not have to bring up your achievements every 5 seconds.

It will make you sound foolish, and people will start doubting your self-value and get tired of your company. There are not any guidelines you should follow about this matter, you have to equalize your sharing.



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